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Receiving help from experts is efficient and brings you forward way faster than if you try to figure out things yourself.

We have been lucky to progress fast and efficiently with the experts we are presenting here. We only present experts from which we have done their programs, coaching and meditations.



By investing in ourselves me and my team gained more energy, with the help of the right experts. You are an amazing being with immense potential and creatorship. My team and I will help you finding the right mentor for you who helps you becoming more enpowered, stronger, and more confident.

Proven Experts


All the experts on this platform have been proven to be

  • Real experts in their fields with at least 10 years of experience
  • Real peers with proven life experience and solutions to the peer problems

We clearly do not promote people who just call themselves experts or peers. This is why we work with all the offered experts and only if they are found good we will pass them on this platform for you.


Meet the experts!


Daniel Gasser also known as Daniel G
How To Master Your Drinking Habits...

In Easily Doable Steps

this method is revolutionary and it's not like any method you've ever tried.

Facts and new points of view about alcohol that will change the way you look at it and it works.

And it's easy to do.

You can get back in control, really simply, really easily,

so you understand why you're doing it in the first place.

With this revolutionary new process, it is the easy way to lead you of what often feels like a prison cell that we can't escape from.

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I help men understand everything about drinking.

Martin Altherr

Martin helps you recoding your imprints, to get rid of what is holding you back and transform it into powerful tools to get from life what you want.

  • Do you know why things aren't happening for you?
  • Do you think you should be more successful?
  • Do you want to be balanced between family and work?
  • Do you want to increase your financial success?
  • Are you looking for your higher purpose?


If you could answer one or more of these questions with "yes", then...
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Crack your code, untangle your lifemap and manifest your genius.

Scott Anthony

Scott helps you getting your business where you want it to be. Fast, uncomplicated and straight forward. Your income is too low? Do you think you deserve more? If yes, then Scott is the man to ask for help. He'll help you raise your self-confidence and will show you that your dreams aren't just dreams but they are possible to become real.

He didn't finish school and against all the odds he made millions and can show you how to do so too.

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My passion is for families and encouraging people like you to believe in your dreams – then help make them come true.

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Meet the team...

The people who make it happen
Daniel Gasser (Daniel G) // Founder & CEO

My mission is to help people recognising their creative power, make the transition from surviving to living and become the human being they are meant to be.

A life full of different experiences such as craftsman, software engineer, salesman, strategic business partner, entrepreneur, former drinker and former drug addict have made me strong, calm and settled, ready to help you getting what you want to achieve.

There are two important days in life. The first one is the day you are born and the second is when you find out why.Mark Twain


Enjoy my enthusiasm for typography and layout.

You can expect precise, expeditious work and quality awareness.

Since 2010 I have been running my own business and work from Zurich, worldwide.

The new is already here, the old only makes a lot of noise while dying.Eckhart Tolle

Manuel Mandis // Cinematographer

My passion is your appearence. Let me show you from your best side.

Photography and film production have always fascinated me. Since 2010 I have taught myself this knowledge autodidactically. 

The passion to capture one of those very special moments is what drives me. 

Who believes to be something, has stopped becoming something.Sokrates

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