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108 Recipes To Stay Unhappy

108 Recipes To Stay Unhappy

It is easy to knock off the dust and continue to live with your head held high after being really shaken by life. It is even easier to say and write but not easy to do. Iʼm the last person to tell you it's all a matter of attitude and mindset.

Wait, that's exactly what it is! So, second try. Itʼs easy to decide to have a different attitude towards life, to stop being depressed, to be happy. But the implementation needs time, patience, discipline and an iron will to really and seriously want to get back on your feet, to be happy.

There are plenty of books on the subject. But what can we do if we are already riding the rising wave, living our lives in a disciplined and positive way, but are sometimes frustrated again, no longer feel like it and would like to wallow in the dirt again?

Wasnʼt it easier when everything was shit, we were surrounded by idiots, the job was a disaster, the boss was even the bigger idiot? To be positive again in spite of everything sometimes seems almost more difficult than the initial decision to change something.

That's what this book is meant for, as a support on the «road to happiness», as a small, imperfect and far from a complete guidebook, a booklet to open, to read one or two sentences and think: «Oh yes, thatʼs right!», to smile, to put the book away and continue riding the wave.


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